Thanks for your helpful information

Susan Kitchen
Wed Feb 4 20:22:00 GMT 2015


My name is Susan, and I am helping my daughter Zelda work on a project for school about how computers have evolved over the years and we were happy to find your helpful page,  It has been very helpful for us, thank you for making such a great resource! I'm sure many others are getting great use out of it as well!

Zelda has had a lot of fun with this project and it has sparked her interest in working with computers one day (she says she understands this information a lot more than I do). So, as a Thank You, Zelda wanted to pass along a resource we found about the history of computer programming: , to add to your resource list, if it isn't too much trouble. It might Also help Zelda get a few bonus points with the teacher, to show she went above and beyond on this project. (Which she would love!)

Anyway, thanks again for the great page, we found it very helpful!

Have a great day,

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