ubsan, asan testing is broken due to coloring

Yury Gribov
Wed Nov 12 09:25:00 GMT 2014

[CC-ing sanitizer team.]

On 11/12/2014 08:02 AM, Andrew Pinski wrote:
> With some configurations (looks like out of tree testing more than in
> tree testing), all of ubsan and asan tests fail due to the
> libsanitizer using coloring and that confuses the dejagnu pattern
> matching.

Right, we fix new errors like this every now and then but they keep 
popping up.

> I don't have time to look fully into how to fix this issue
> and I don't care much to coloring anyways so I disabled in the source
> for my own use so the tests now pass.

First, we could run with ASAN_OPTIONS=color=0.  I think we once tracked 
this error to QEMU incorrectly returning 1 to ASan's isatty() but never 
bothered to fix because fixing tests is so easier.


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