GCC Bugzilla disables caching of linked content

Frédéric Buclin LpSolit@netscape.net
Tue Nov 11 19:45:00 GMT 2014

Le 11. 11. 14 20:11, Jonathan Wakely a écrit :
> At some point GCC's bugzilla started taking ages to load, because
> every single .css and .js file gets a query appended to the URL:
> skins/contrib/Dusk/global.css?1368269827
> This causes Firefox to constantly re-fetch those pages again and
> again, so it takes several seconds to load every. single. page.
> Do you know why this is?

1368269827 is the timestamp when these files were last modified. It's
appended to the URL so that your web browser doesn't refetch them if it
already has them in cache with this timestamp. So if your web browser
refetches them all the time, then you have something wrong with your
browser. In my case, pages load very quickly because none of the CSS or
JS files are reloaded. You cannot disable this feature.


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