assumes sizeof(size_t) == sizeof(void *)

Paolo Carlini
Sat Nov 8 20:38:00 GMT 2014


On 11/08/2014 04:33 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 8 November 2014 15:30, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> This didn't compile. Ended with an error about requiring C++11 in a header file. This code is in a c++98 subdirectory so it dues make sense. I can't cut and paste it at home.
> Yep, that makes sense, I'd just stick with stdint.h
Good. Sorry, if I missed some relatively recent development: is now GCC 
installing its own stdint.h on *all* the supported targets, thus we can 
safely assume it's unconditionally available? For many years a few 
"exotic" targets didn't have their own and couldn't get a stdint.h...


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