About gsoc 2014 OpenMP 4.0 Projects

Evgeny Gavrin e.gavrin@samsung.com
Wed Feb 26 07:20:00 GMT 2014

Hi Guray,

There were two announcements: PTX-backend and OpenCL code generation.
Initial PTX-patches can be found in mailing list and OpenCL experiments in

Regarding GSoC it would be nice, if you'll apply with your proposal on code
I think that projects aimed to improve generation of OpenCL or
implementation of SPIR-backend are going to be useful for GCC.


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I'm master student at high-performance computing at barcelona supercomputing
center. And I'm working on my thesis regarding openmp accelerator model
implementation onto our compiler (OmpSs). Actually i almost finished
implementation of all new directives  to generate CUDA code and same
implementation OpenCL doesn't take so much according to my design. But i
haven't even tried for Intel mic and apu other hardware accelerator :) Now
i'm bench-marking output kernel codes which are generated by my compiler.
although output kernel is generally naive, speedup is not very very bad.
when I compare results with HMPP OpenACC 3.2.x compiler, speedups are almost
same or in some cases my results are slightly better than. That's why in
this term, i am going to work on compiler level or runtime level
optimizations for gpus.

When i looked gcc openmp 4.0 project, i couldn't see any things about code
generation. Are you going to announce later? or should i apply gsoc with my
idea about code generations and device code optimizations?

Güray Özen

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