gnattools cannot be built for freestanding/bare metal environment without hacking up the build machinery

Brian Drummond
Fri Feb 14 12:20:00 GMT 2014

Luke A. Guest <laguest <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> I've been over this before and have got nowhere with it. 

> Say you want to build an Ada compiler for embedded work, ...
> You can build it with "make all-gcc" and install with "make install-gcc"
> ...
> But what about the gnattools? Not buildable. A message in the ml
> archives states to build them with "make -C gcc gnattools," but this
> fails:
> ...
> You can't disable libada using the command line as that also disables
> gnattools - I don't know the reason for requiring this behaviour.

Revisiting the MSP430 as it's now an official gcc target, this is still a
problem here too, so there are at least 3 targets for which it's a problem.

Looking at
and comparing comments #6 and #14, perhaps this command should be 
"make -C gcc gnattools-cross" ? I'll try to do a clean build and test this

But it would be better if the build "just worked" so at

> if test "${ENABLE_LIBADA}" != "yes" ; then
>   noconfigdirs="$noconfigdirs"
> fi
we need a better test here (also checking for a crosscompiler build).

> I think that we need a configure flag to disable libada and not
> gnattools for these bare board targets.

Following comment #15 in bug 19959, perhaps it's time to open a bug against

- Brian

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