[Suggestion] about h8/300 architecture in gcc and binutils

Jeff Law law@redhat.com
Thu Sep 12 17:09:00 GMT 2013

On 09/11/2013 10:38 PM, Chen Gang wrote:
> Hello all:
> I have send the related issues to "http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla", please
> check if you like, thanks.
> currently, I only send 3 bugs: Bug58256, Bug58400, Bug58401, the other
> bugs may duplicate with these bugs, so I do not send (if they are also
> valuable, I will send too).
> Next, I should analyse them (better with another related members), my
> analyzing way is:
>    compare it with another correct compiler (e.g x86 compiler) by code and by debugging.
> Wish one of these bugs can be fixed by us within a week (although I am
> not quite sure for it: I have no experience for compiler development).
Please include the preprocessed source.  The easiest way to get that is
to add the "-save-temps" option to the command line.  That will create a
.i file which is the self-contained preprocessed code.  We need that to
be able to debug these issues.


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