[RFC] Offloading Support in libgomp

Michael V. Zolotukhin michael.v.zolotukhin@gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 15:31:00 GMT 2013

> Trying to dlopen random libraries is bad, so when libgomp dlopens something,
> it better should be a plugin and not something else.
> I'd suggest that the name should be matching libgomp-plugin-*.so.1 or
> similar wildcard.
Ok, sounds reasonable.

> Why?  If this is the plugin stuff, then IMNSHO it should be initialized only
> on the first call to GOMP_target{,_data,_update} or omp_get_num_devices.
> Just use pthread_once to initialize it just once.
Ok, once we don't care about deallocation, that seems reasonable too.

> > 4) We'll need to store some information about available devices:
> >   - a search tree with data about mapping
> For the search tree, I was going to actually implement it myself, but got
> interrupted this week with work on UDRs again.  I wanted to write just
> temporarily a dummy device that would execute on the host, but remap all
> memory to something allocated elsewhere in the same address space by malloc.
> Sure, #pragma omp declare target vars wouldn't work that way, but otherwise
> it could work fine.  Each device that would have a flag set that it doesn't
> have shared address space between host and device (I belive HSAIL might have
> shared address space, host fallback of course has shared address space,
> the rest do not?) would have its own splay tree plus some host mutex to
> guard accesses to the tree.
Ok.  Do you need all plugin infrastructure ready for that or you could
experiment with dummy device without plugins?

> 	Jakub

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