Questions about LTO infrastructure and pragma omp target

Michael V. Zolotukhin
Tue Sep 3 14:00:00 GMT 2013

Hi guys,
Let's continue this discussion.

Summing up what was said above, I think we need following changes in
LTO-infrastructure to enable offloading:
  * [in lto_plugin] claim files with .openmp (or whatever
name) sections along with files containing .lto sections, as we do now
  * [in lto_plugin] check if resolution file is generated
correctly and probably fix it a bit to properly handle LTO and OpenMP
handling (separately from each other)
  * [in WPA] save .openmp sections to a new partition (in future - into
several new partitions).
  * [in WPA] save a copy of symtab (or its subset) to this
  * [in lto_wrapper] compile the openmp-partition with gcc-target and
then link it with ld-target

Is this a correct overview of the needed changes?

If I got it right, then there is a follow-up question: how would we
support several different targets?  We need to be able to invoke
different versions of gcc-target from lto_wrapper - do we want to have
plugins there as well (yeah, plugins for plugin:) )?

Thanks, Michael  

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