Deprecate i386 for GCC 4.8?

John Marino
Thu Dec 13 10:43:00 GMT 2012

On 12/13/2012 11:11, Richard Biener wrote:
> They are stuck with pre-GPLv3 GCC compilers anyway.
> ISTR we changed the default i?86 triple from i386 to i586 for 4.6, so we
> are already half-way through the deprecation.  I'd say simply go ahead.
> Note that i386-freebsd is still listed as primary architecture though, so
> something has to be done about that first.  Steering Commitee please?
> (I'd say drop *-freebsd from the list of primary/secondary archs entirely
> given that they are not at all happy with GPLv3 and not using still maintained
> compilers)

Both NetBSD and DragonFly BSD use GPLv3 compilers in their base systems.
FreeBSD ports have every modern version of GCC in them, nothing stops a 
user from building and using the latest GCC on FreeBSD (Note the ports 
are well maintained).

FreeBSD and DragonFly (at least) have already dropped i386 support, it's 
an alias for i486.  I don't know about NetBSD or OpenBSD.

I don't speak for FreeBSD, but dropping them from Tier 1 support because 
they don't use a GPLv3 *BASE* compiler is a bit vindictive.


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