Failure to vectorize widen mult through intermediate steps

Paulo Matos
Mon Dec 3 16:56:00 GMT 2012

Is the lack of replies a sign that I missed to explain something in my email?


Paulo Matos

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> Subject: Failure to vectorize widen mult through intermediate steps
> Hello,
> I have been looking at a piece of code that fails to vectorize because
> GCC4.7.0 is unable in suportable_widening_operation to provide proper
> conversions for a WIDEN_MULT_EXPR. vectype_in is V8HI and vectype_out is
> V2DI. The problem seems to be that GCC code at the end of this functions
> blocks the search for intermediate conversions. If GCC would look for them it
> would find:
> vec_widen_smult_lo_v8hi with v4si output
> vec_widen_smult_lo_v4si with v2di output
> however, since this search doesn't occur, vectorization fails.
> How can I instruct GCC that it should take this steps to enable vectorization
> between these vectypes?
> I thought about defining vec_widen_smult_lo_v8hi with v2di output but can't
> because of the constraints on the pattern ("Multiply the high/low elements of
> the two vectors, and put the N/2 products of size 2*S in the output vector
> (operand 0).").
> The hook TARGET_VECTORIZE_BUILTIN_CONVERSION sounds like it could be what I
> want but I added some test code and in my simple example this function is
> never called.
> Any suggestions on how to work this out in the backend?
> Cheers,
> Paulo Matos

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