ANN: gcc-python-plugin 0.10

David Malcolm
Thu Aug 30 20:34:00 GMT 2012

gcc-python-plugin is a plugin for GCC 4.6 onwards which embeds the
CPython interpreter within GCC, allowing you to write new compiler
warnings for C/C++ in Python, generate code visualizations, etc.  It
comes with "cpychecker": a tool for static analysis tool of CPython

Tarball releases are available at:

Prebuilt-documentation can be seen at:

Project homepage:

What's new in v0.10:
  * support for the to-be-released Python 3.3 (tested against latest
release candidate)

  * better support for analysis of C++ code: the API provides support
for walking the namespace tree, and the cpychecker code now supports
methods, references, "this", destructors, etc

  * lots of bug fixes: the cpychecker code has been hardened by running
it on all of the Python C extension code in Fedora 17, and in the
process many internal bugs have been found and fixed - along with
hundreds of bugs in the code being tested:

  * similarly, Daniele Varrazzo used the checker extensively on psycopg,
the popular Python interface to PostgreSQL, and using it was able to
find and fix numerous subtle errors:

  * an experimental new HTML visualization for error reports:

Thanks to Buck Golemon, Daniele Varrazzo, David Narvaez, Eevee, Jason
Mueller, Kevin Pyle, Matt Rice and Tom Tromey for their contributions to
this release.


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