Size difference in base class between GCC releases

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Aug 27 21:48:00 GMT 2012

On 27 August 2012 21:16,  Paul Koning wrote:
> On Aug 27, 2012, at 4:05 PM, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
>> Is this message
>> relevant to your case?
>> -- Gaby
> Yes, that looks like the exact case.  And the mail thread seems to say that the "3.3.3" behavior I'm seeing is what G++ was doing at that time, as was HP -- but not Intel.  So now we have it done differently in later compilers.

That mail is talking about reusing tail padding in non-PODs, and G++
still does that, i.e. this code compiles:

struct S1 {
   virtual void f();
   int i;
   char c1;

 struct S2 : public S1 {
   char c2;

const S2 s2{};

static_assert( (&s2.c2 - &s2.c1) == 1, "Reused tail padding" );

Please check whether the code you're looking at involves a POD base
class, because that would explain why G++ 4.5 doesn't reuse the tail
padding (I have no idea if 3.3 does or doesn't, but using
-fabi-version=1 to request the G++ 3.2 ABI doesn't seem to cause tail
padding in PODs to be reused.)

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