Support for C++11 decltype (N3276)

Johan Lundberg
Wed Aug 8 22:00:00 GMT 2012

Dear all, thank you for a great compiler!

I have a question and feature request for C++11 decltype. The C++11
standard definition of decltype is described in N3276[1], but in
earlier versions/C++0x it was N3243. The old version has been
supported by gcc since a long time. The changes are quite important.
I'm wondering if there is any effort on supporting N3276?

      cheers Johan Lundberg


There's an open bug, with a really simple test code . As expected it
breaks gcc4.7 (eats memory indefinitely).
The C++11 support page (
lists decltype support as 'Yes' but with reference only to the old

The authors of the N3276 document " not anticipate that other
implementors will have any difficulty implementing this change.", but
I would not know. I'd love to help but have no experience with
compiler coding.


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