RFC: extend cprop_hardreg into a global pass

Bin.Cheng amker.cheng@gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 03:03:00 GMT 2012

>> Though the two pseudo-regs
>> are connected by reg-move insn and contains same value afterward,
>> the two live ranges(i.e. allocnos) are conflict with each other, thus IRA
>> cannot allocate same hard register for them.
> If two allocnos have the same value, why can't IRA coalesce them?
I don't know IRA very well,by guessing, IRA does not know that the two
allocnos have same value, and they ARE conflict with each other, this
is reflected in build_conflicts. After conflict is built, there is no
chance to coalesce.

> And why isn't this overlap copy-propped out before IRA?
Because the move insn is generated in cse2 pass and there is no copy
prop pass from cse2 to ira.

Best Regards.

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