AIX library issues

David Edelsohn
Mon Oct 24 02:36:00 GMT 2011

On Sun, Oct 23, 2011 at 10:16 AM, Perry Smith <> wrote:

> wants libc.a, libpthreads.a, and libgcc_s.a.  The first two do not present a problem.  But there are four libgcc_s.a (normal, ppc64, pthread, and ppc64+pthread).
> Note that there is also four versions of (normal, ppc64, pthread, ppc64+pthread).
> My question is: which libgcc_s.a should I link to?  (this question is for each of the four versions of
> Setting LIBPATH or whatever I do is going to override the internal path (since the internal path is broken).  So, this may be a question that has never been asked or answered.
> My knee jerk is that the normal wants the normal libgcc_s.a, the ppc64 wants the ppc64, etc.  But I notice that it will always include pthread so that is what caused me to pause and ask.
> Part of me wonders if the two non-pthread versions of libgomp make any sense.  I don't really know anything about libgomp.

libgomp (-fopenmp) does not make sense without pthreads.  -fopenmp
implies pthreads.

One thing to note: AIX tools default to 32 bit mode, although all
systems are 64 bit, unlike GNU/Linux, which defaults to 64 bit mode
(on x86-64 and PPC64).

Only two of the four libgomp multilibs truly are necessary, but
avoiding the non-pthread builds is not worth the trouble.  The
non-pthread libgomp libraries never will be used, unless GCC is
invoked incorrectly.  Each library, including libgomp, should list its
multilib install directory first, e.g., ppc64 pthread would be


and default would be


The GCC build process and driver directory search process make a lot
of assumptions that the system directories follow a Linux/SVR4/Solaris
layout.  To follow AIX style, the PPC64 and PPC32 non-reentrant
(non-pthreads) libraries should be archived into the same file
libgomp.a (which never would be referenced) and the reentrant
(pthreads) libraries for PPC64 and PPC32 should be archived into
libgomp_r.a.  The benefit has not been shown to be worth the effort.

- David

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