GCC 4.7.0 Status Report (2011-10-11)

Joseph S. Myers joseph@codesourcery.com
Wed Oct 12 02:55:00 GMT 2011


Trunk remains in Stage 1 and based on the 4.6 release schedule this
should end around the end of October unless a small delay is useful to
help merge any development branches.  Of the branches mentioned in the
last status report, it appears that only transactional-memory and
cxx-mem-model are aiming for at least partial merging for 4.7
(although not all branches had answers to the questions in that
report).  The recent proposal for adding the D front end is also
clearly a 4.8 matter, not 4.7, unless the patches outside the
D-specific directories are ready very soon.

Quality Data

Priority	  #	Change from Last Report
--------	---	-----------------------
P1		 27     + 21
P2		 98	+  3
P3		 31	- 28
--------	---	-----------------------
Total		156	-  4

Previous Report


The next status report for 4.7.0 will be sent by Richard.

Joseph S. Myers

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