ARM EABI ZCX Ada (4.6.1) almost working

Luke A. Guest
Mon Oct 10 05:08:00 GMT 2011


I managed to debug the my sample app and find an error, which has made
catching an exception work.

Anyway, I changed the code to throw an exception in a nested subprogram,
this was also caught by the outer subprogram. I then added a raise;
statement as a handler to see if it would reraise and then exit the
program, sadly, I get an infinite loop in the search phase (export
EH_DEBUG=1 shows this).

I've included the latest patch which gets the basics working. But I'm
lost as to why it's not working for the reraise case.

Can anyone help?


   ** Just for info, so it's documented somewhere **

Just for people who need to know (as I couldn't find it anywhere), to
get gnatlib to build with debugging info, I used the following:

make -e GNATLIBCFLAGS='-ggdb -O0'

This is then picked up the gcc/ada makefiles later in the build.

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