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> Hi all,
> I know you people are very busy but please go through this. It is
> about Heapless C/C++.
> What is heapless C++?
> Heapless C++ is the concept in which you are forbidden to use heap of system.

I believe it already exists, as Embedded C++ (or perhaps as a subset of it).

And it is not really a compiler issue, unless you want to have the compiler implement the
restriction, by rejecting the forbidden features.

You already could restrict such applications by linking them with a special library
without new or malloc.

If you want that to be caught within GCC, you can extend GCC for such needs. To
extend GCC, you can develop a plugin in C, or in Python, or in MELT. MELT is a domain
specific language to ease the development of GCC extensions. See http://gcc-melt.org/ for

And an application could also link with its specialized garbage collector, so manage its
heap specifically. (look into Ocaml for an example).

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