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Yet," said the King, rub-bing his hands as if much pleased; "so now
let the ju-ry--" "If one of you can tell what it means," said Al-ice
(she had grown so large by this time that she
had no fear of the King) "I should be glad to hear it. I don't think
there's a grain

of sense in it." The ju-ry all wrote down on their slates, "She
doesn't think there's a grain of sense in it." But no one tried to
tell what it meant. "If there's no sense in it," said
the King, "that saves a world of work, you know, as we needn't try to

it. And yet I don't know," he went on, as he spread out the rhymes on
his knee, and looked at them
with one eye: "I seem to find some
sense in them--'said I could not swim'--you can't
swim, can you?" he added, turn-ing to the Knave.

The Knave shook his head with a sigh. "Do I look like it?"

he said. (Which it was plain he did not, as he was made of card
board.) "All right, so far,"
said the King, and he went on: "'We know it to be true'--that's the
ju-ry, of course--'I gave her one, they gave him two'--that

must be what he did with the tarts, you know--" "But i
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