Adding official support into the main tree for SPARC Leon

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Sep 1 13:20:00 GMT 2010

Luís Vitório Cargnini <> writes:

> I'm Vitorio working in Leon due to my Ph.D. and discussing with Konrad Eisele form Aeroflex Gaisler, maintainers of Leon SPARC, we would like to create a main tree for Leon on GCC, and providing the commits we already have, and any further modifications, right now we had our codes separated, but we are working to join efforts and keep the things going on Leon. 
> So we would like to put the code into the main tree and maintain it, this way anyone who wants to work with Leon or even contribute specifically in the compilers field would know where to find the, also this way we keep the compiler for Leon up-to-date and the development transparent. 
> Also we expect to encourage the groups of research that are working around the Globe and have some modification for Leon to contribute and post it officially.
> I'm sending this to the GCC main list because I expect to reach the Steering Committee and know if we can have they're approval and the formal procedures for us to commit and push the code into the main tree and maintain it.

Anybody who has signed the copyright assignment with the FSF and who has
write access to the SVN repository is permitted to create and maintain a
branch in the source code repository.  Steering committee approval is
not required.  The policies may be found here: .

So your first step is going to be to sign the FSF copyright assignment,
and your second step is going to be to find a sponsor for SVN write

Thanks for your interest in gcc.


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