GCC wiki page on gengtype improvements

Basile Starynkevitch basile@starynkevitch.net
Fri May 28 13:12:00 GMT 2010

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 12:28:57PM +0200, Laurynas Biveinis wrote:
> Basile -
> FYI I have started a page on gengtype and its improvement areas:
> http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/gengtype . Maybe you'd like to add some notes
> there on e.g. what enhancements are required for better plugin support
> and similar.

I just added stuff. I am strongly convinced that a gengtype (or Qt
moc) like tool is useful for GCC in all cases (even in a fully C++

Thanks for your input.


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