GFDL/GPL issues

Mark Mitchell
Wed May 26 18:12:00 GMT 2010

Basile Starynkevitch wrote:

> My dream [I'm not sure it can happen] would be that some GCC steering
> committee member would just say here to me that dual-licensing such and
> such files is permitted and would solve any issue. If I had such a
> informal "blessing" I would be ok.

The SC cannot do that in the context of FSF GCC, and, of course, the SC
has no control of any other GCC.  This is the downside of copyright
assignment; it gives the FSF a lot control over licensing issues.  If
you don't want to give the FSF that control, you can't assign copyright
to the FSF.  But, that also means you can't contribute to FSF GCC.

Of course, in the context of plug-ins, you'd have more options, in that
you could develop and independently distribute a plug-in where you had
more control of licensing.  The plug-in would have to be
GPLv3-compatible, but you'd be able to dual-license the code in the
plug-in if you chose to do that.

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