toplevel out of sync

Ralf Wildenhues
Tue May 25 20:02:00 GMT 2010

* Paolo Bonzini wrote on Tue, May 25, 2010 at 07:10:33PM CEST:
> On 05/25/2010 07:09 PM, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> >>... the last date when the tree was synchronized ...
> >
> >It looked fairly good 3 months ago[1].

Toplevel and config/ went out of sync with commit 6c8aa2aa884d of the
GCC infradead git mirror, aka. r157945, on April 2.  Since then, there
have been no commits on src that were not synced to GCC.

> >Do you prefer tracking down committers and letting them finish their
> >work, or should I just go ahead and sync sets of commits as I did last
> >time?
> As you prefer.  I'd rather see a list of commits before giving you
> green light though. :-)

commit id of infradead mirror, GCC SVN revision number:

17281d1ee17f204064cfcbcc82089aefa19e3779   159527
401f30d69e280e18a9581b819376d18786595d3b   159173
decab1d0d6db331f662d42679eb1a8d473f72920   159134
bcd70fb06d56d9316d49019f5c0a3109def08d39   158763
a9ed67d000f285282e61aa9b87cc8d992a8731df   158762
22c56f6f70e07d6d9991a294439613dbf8eb60e0   158550
8b6a3525690f368dc965cd1457dc128d1925c995   158459
7da77e3b5958bf72909a3d238b2be0aa0820cb41   158423
82cf45c792250d333911ae6d2719fea77b520f0d   158285
d1d17d418a5c66a792e9988a945ca25e89692632   157946
6c8aa2aa884de79314b9b16a374518f4fd6624aa   157945

There are no changes in intl, libiberty.  The sourceware git mirror
doesn't seem to carry libdecnumber.  Which files in include/ were
part of libiberty again?


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