Using add_stmt in gimplify.c

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Dec 17 01:24:00 GMT 2010

Robert Stevenson <> writes:

> Is there any change I should do to the or any other files? Is there 
> any specific header files I should add ? (I have c-family/c-common.h). 

We're happy to answer specific questions but it's nearly impossible for
us to answer general questions like the above.  If you want to modify
gcc, you need to be a reasonably skilled C programmer.  If you can't
answer questions like these yourself, or at least narrow them down into
specific questions that you can ask us, then I think you may need to
learn more before you work on modifying gcc.

There is lots and lots of code in gcc which adds instructions to
functions, so there are plenty of examples for you to look at.


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