Using add_stmt in gimplify.c

Robert Stevenson
Thu Dec 16 01:27:00 GMT 2010

Hello Everyone,
     I am trying to add some information/instructions into loop statements in 
GCC front-end. For this, in the previous gcc, I have used "add_stmt" to insert 
these instructions and they worked fine. When I do it in gcc 4.6 (snapshot 
2010/12/4) I get "undefined references to "add_stmt."

    One thing I found different in this 4.6 version of gcc is that the files 
prefixed with "c-" have been stored in the c-family director. Is this the reason 
why I am not able to use add_stmt in the gimplify.c function? What can I do to 
use "add_stmt" function?

    Any form of help is truly appreciated!

I have not subscribed to gcc mailing list, so please copy me when you reply.




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