Target support needed for LTO

Frederic Riss
Tue Dec 14 17:26:00 GMT 2010

Hi Dave,

On 14 December 2010 15:48, Dave Korn <> wrote:
>  This symptom usually means that the assembler is padding the section
> containing the compressed data when it generates the IR-containing .o file.
> There is no record within the compressed data stream of how long it is
> supposed to be(*), so LTO assumes that the /entire/ contents of the section
> represents compressed data and feeds it to the decompressor.  If there are a
> few trailing bytes of zeroes, they get fed to the decompressor as well and it
> gets confused and complains.

Although this wasn't exactly the issue, it pointed me in the right
direction and I found a bug in my assembler that mangled some end of
sections... Thanks a lot!


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