PATCH: 2 stage BFD linker for LTO plugin

Tristan Gingold
Tue Dec 7 08:33:00 GMT 2010

On Dec 6, 2010, at 6:23 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
>  Tristan, sorry, you must be sick of hearing from me by now,

No, not really :-)

> but I notice the
> branch was still labile a couple of hours ago... it would be really good if we
> could get HJ's patch approved and backported before you spin the release.

The issue is that this patch isn't yet approved for the trunk and looks slightly controversial.
And I'd like to make the release soon (ie this week).

Unless this patch is quickly approved (and back-ported), I plan to do the release this week.  If it is accepted after,
this is not a real issue as it can be part of binutils 2.21.1 (which should be released before March - or within gcc 4.6)


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