Some benchmark comparison of gcc4.5 and dragonegg (was dragonegg in FSF gcc?)

Chris Lattner
Wed Apr 21 18:25:00 GMT 2010

On Apr 21, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Vladimir Makarov wrote:

>> This is definitely interesting, but you're also comparing apples and oranges here (for both compile time and performance). Can you get numbers showing GCC -O3 and dragonegg with LTO to get a better comparison?
> Dragonegg does not work with -flto.  It generates assembler code on which gas complaints (a lot of non-assembler code like target data-layout which are not in comments).

Ok, I didn't know that didn't get wired up.  I'm not familiar with dragonegg, it might require gold with the llvm lto gold plugin or something.

> So I'll do gcc -O3 without -flto.  I don't think it will change average SPECINT2000 rate significantly (although it can change separte benchmark significantly)  but it will make gcc compiler much faster (may be 2 times because I did not use -fwhole-program).  I'll post the results in an hour.

Sounds good, thanks!  I suspect the gcc build times will improve.


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