post linker phase - How To?

Mon Apr 12 23:22:00 GMT 2010

On 12 Apr 2010, at 23:30, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> IainS <> writes:
>> If I want to install a script (wrapper) that will end up installed in
>> the same dir as
> .  If this program will only ever be
> run by the gcc driver, then you should install it in either the
> directory where cc1 is installed, $(libsubdir),

This is the right place, at least for a wrapper...

If we make a stand-alone replacement (one day) then maybe that could  
be put in $(bindir)

I take it that, when called from a spec, any program in $(libsubdir)  
will get the right path by the automagic built into the compiler?

>> Or:
>> If I want to create a new post-collect phase --- is that already
> As far as I know there is currently no post-collect phase.

This would be tidier than riding on the back of the LINK_COMMAND_SPEC.
Any perception of the difficulty factor (1:10)..?


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