GCC primary/secondary platforms?

Gary Funck gary@intrepid.com
Wed Apr 7 16:32:00 GMT 2010

On 04/07/10 11:11:05, Diego Novillo wrote:
> I would suggest splitting patches across reviewer domains.  See
> previous merges from big branches for examples.  This makes it easier
> for maintainers and reviewers to review the relevant parts.
> Additionally, make sure that the branch bootstraps and tests on all
> primary/secondary platforms with all languages enabled.

Diego, thanks for your prompt reply and suggestions.  Regarding
the primary/secondary platforms.  Are those listed here?
We have access to only a few of the listed platforms,
(and in the case of IA64 the underlying OS is SuSE not

How are the following targets handled?
  arm-eabi, mipsisa64-elf
Are these cross-compilers targetting some sort of instruction
set simulator?  Is there "how to" for setting up those
platforms and running tests?

Given the nature of UPC we're not sure that some of those
targets are applicable or will be initially supported;
though I can certainly see the value of making sure that we
don't break anything in the main line that would impact
those platforms.

Typically, how is this situation handled - where tests need
to be run on hardware/software platforms that we don't have
access to, prior to merging into the GCC trunk?

- Gary

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