site.exp and newlib_ldflags

Joel Sherrill
Fri Apr 2 17:14:00 GMT 2010


I ran into a lot of GCC test failures on a
Coldfire target board which did not use the default
multilib.  When I investigated, it turned out
that this line in the site.exp rule in gcc/
was causing it to link the default 68020
multilib instead of the right Coldfire one.

  echo "set newlib_ldflags \"-B$(objdir)/../$(target_subdir)/newlib/\"" 
 >> ./tmp0; \

My solution was to ignore the variable
newlib_ldflags in my board.exp file.  But
this seems like a broader issue and that
I might have missed something.

Does the above need to be multilib aware?

Is there a trick I missed?

Is it a bug?

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