Dead Store Elimination

Jeff Law
Thu Oct 22 18:26:00 GMT 2009

On 10/22/09 11:14, Pranav Bhandarkar wrote:
>> Are you talking about the tree dead-store elimination pass or
>> the RTL one?  Basically *addr = value1; cannot be removed
>> if addr does not point to local memory or if the pointed-to
>> memory escapes through a call-site that is dominated by this store.
> I am talking about the RTL dead-store elimination. In my case addr is
> based on the stack pointer and the store is to a local variable on the
> stack.
File a bug with a complete testcase.

I believe we're supposed to handle this, but I'm not absolutely certain 
we do (traditionally the way to handle this is to treat the return insn 
as storing into each stack slot for the purposes of dse analysis).


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