Ada Copyright Notice Nit

Ian Lance Taylor
Fri Oct 16 14:57:00 GMT 2009

Joel Sherrill <> writes:

> In checking my local changes, I noticed a minor
> difference in how the Ada source files have their
> Copyright notice.   Some have a comma between the
> years and party, others do not.
> 9drpc.adb:--          Copyright (C) 1992-2009, Free Software
> Foundation, Inc.         --
> a-assert.adb:--         Copyright (C) 2007-2009  Free Software
> Foundation, Inc.          --
> Are both of these OK?  Should they be changed
> to be the same?
> I doubt it makes any legal difference but we
> are normally picky on formatting in these areas.

We normally follow the GNU standard for copyright notices, which is

It says no comma.  It also says do not use a dash between years, but
instead list all the years individually.  See the main gcc directory
for a myriad examples.

My understanding is that none of this makes any legal difference.  I
think it's more or less up to the Ada maintainers whether they want to
strictly adhere to the GNU standards or not.


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