i370 port - constructing compile script

Paul Edwards mutazilah@gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 13:38:00 GMT 2009

> .../configure --target=i370-mvs --prefix=... --with-sysroot=...  \
>               --enable-languages=c

Thanks Ulrich.  That's very different from the concept I had of
how the build process was meant to work.

> Ignoring the cross stuff, if this is all you need I would suggest calling
> make in the right way to generate this script.  We'll use a fake
> "compiler" for making cc1 which does nothing else than appending its
> command line to your compile script.  Hence, create a script
> collect-stuff.sh with this content:
> -------- snip ----------
> #!/bin/sh
> echo stdcomp ${1+"$@"} >> /tmp/compile
> -------- snap ----------
> Now we'll call make so that it only tries to make cc1 with this compiler
> to collect the commands:
> % cd gcc
> % make CC=collect-stuff.sh cc1

Thanks Michael.  That's exactly the sort of thing I was after.  Just
one thing - I'll need more than cc1.  I need the files that normally
go into gcc as well.  So a combination of those two sets of source,
so that I can get a single standalone executable.  So I'll need to
create a new Makefile target that's a bit bigger than cc1.  But
cc1 will come close.

Also, I decided that I'd better go back to gcc 3.4.6 in order to do
this experimentation, because at least with that I know that at
the end of the day, there's no compiler issue, so if it doesn't
work, the fault must lie withe the build process.

I can't say that about 4.4, because I already know a normally
built cross-compiler on 4.4 with a resuscitated i370 will
build, but has a runtime error which wasn't immediately
obvious (ie gdb didn't point to something wrong).  After 3.4.6
is working, I'll hopefully have an easier time with 4.4.

Anyway, I'll try it out tomorrow etc, and report back the results.

BFN.  Paul.

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