arm-elf multilib issues
Fri Oct 2 01:12:00 GMT 2009

> Meh. Badly written code on antique hardware.
> I realise this sounds harsh, but in all seriousness if you take a bit of care

Yes, I think it does sound harsh, considering that, I believe, at least as
many chips are sold with ARM7TDMI core as the nice fat chips with MMU,
caches, 64 and 128 bit buses.

> (and common sense) you should get the alignment for free in pretty much all
> cases, and it can make a huge difference on ARMv5te cores.
> If you're being really pedantic then old-abi targets tend to pad all
> structures to a word boundary. I'd expect this to have much more
> detrimental overall effect than alignment of doubleword quantities,
> which in my experience are pretty rare to start with.

Well, I have to agree with the above.


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