Apple, iPhone, and GPLv3 troubles

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Sep 25 19:48:00 GMT 2008

Yuhong Bao <> writes:

> BTW, one of the reason I posted this was that I wanted to privately
> talk about the politics behind this issue with someone internal to
> Apple, and forward some of that to RMS and the FSF. Can this be done
> or is the politics all under NDA?

Well, good luck.  The people you need to talk to, with respect to
Apple and GPLv3, are not reading this mailing list.  We've already
talked to some of them, and the situation as I understand it is what I
already outlined, with the obvious proviso that I do not work at
Apple.  A couple of people from Apple have now commented on this
thread; go ahead and mail them directly.


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