Defining a common plugin machinery

Ralf Wildenhues
Fri Sep 19 15:16:00 GMT 2008

* Brendon Costa wrote on Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 02:42:19AM CEST:
> What platforms do we want to support? I can think of the following
> categories:

> * Windows (cygwin/mingw)
> As i understand the issue (I am not very familiar with this) you can't
> have unresolved references in a plugin back to the GCC executable. I.e.
> Building GCC with -rdynamic will not work on this platform. Do we move
> most of the GCC implementation into a "library/DLL" having a "stub"
> main() that just calls the library implementation. Then both the
> application AND the plugins can link with this library/DLL in a way that
> will work on Windows.
> Or are we going for the quick solution of using -rdynamic and not
> supporting this platform (Not my preferred option)?

AFAIK you can fix w32 issues with DEF files.

I would guess putting the bulk of GCC in a library, thus compiling it
with PIC code on most systems, will hurt compiler performance rather
significantly.  Haven't tried it though.


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