New assert in haifa-sched.c

Adam Nemet
Thu Sep 18 13:12:00 GMT 2008

Eric Botcazou writes:
> > Yes, the assert is really checking exactly that.  Several pieces of
> > haifa-sched.c assume that the instruction has been recognized during
> > scheduler initialization to speed up checking if instruction is normal
> > or some kind of use/clobber/asm.
> What happens if an instruction hasn't been recognized upon reaching these 
> parts of haifa-sched.c?  Will it be only mis-scheduled, i.e. will this only 
> result in inferior, but still correct code?  If so, the assertion shouldn't 
> be enabled in release mode but only if ENABLE_CHECKING is defined.

Well, I can't bootstrap as it is so it would be nice if this was fixed
regardless of the checking level.  (And this is what my patch does in  Another option
would be to completely remove the assert.


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