Plugin Branch

Brendon Costa
Tue Sep 16 14:47:00 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I recently checked out the GCC plugin branch to have a bit of a peek at
it. Anyhow, currently it does not build on my machine and i have not
spent any time looking at the cause, but i did check the svn log.

It seems that the last commit was: 2007/08/05 (I am new to svn and still
living in a CVS world so I may be wrong) which is a while ago. Is there
an intention to do more development on this? Is the maintainer just
waiting for the legal side of things to complete before putting more
work into this?

Also what of other attempts to create a plugin mod for GCC, such as
Dehydra and GEM? Has anyone looked into the different
advantages/disadvantages of the various implementations?


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