PR37363: PR36090 and PR36182 all over again

Paolo Bonzini
Fri Sep 5 12:43:00 GMT 2008

>> 3) adding a check that the MINUS is a legitimate address, and only wrap
>> it in CONST if it is.
> s/address/constant/; it's not clear that it's used as an address
> at that point; it's just two expressions that gcc tries to
> reduce.


> But I get the point; I'm leaning towards something like
> strengthening that it's a legitimate constant.  See
> <> and
> other comments in that PR.  But... should we really redefine
> LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P and its documentation at this stage?

We can do it incrementally.  For now, only redefine
LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P on CRIS and in the documentation, and use it in
simplify_plus_minus.  For 4.5, we can look at other places using
gen_rtx_CONST and strengthen them too.


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