About the "Build status for GCC 4.3" page

Dennis Clarke dclarke@blastwave.org
Wed Sep 3 02:08:00 GMT 2008

I really do value the build status reports submitted by
others and I go searching for a few results in particular.
People like Joe Buck can be relied upon to post good looking
results for Solaris and thus I need to be able to find those
results easily.

I noticed that the "Build status for GCC" page has no link
at all for 4.3.x and it would be nice to add that there please.


Also, could we get a few results for 4.3.2 on the 4.3.x status
page such that package builders ( like myself ) can get a feel
for how others are doing ?


Joe Buck submitted :
Results for 4.3.2 (GCC) testsuite on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

I followed behind him looking for similar results on Solaris 8 x86

I have not seen results from others .. but then again .. I would
need to go digging.

Is there a way perhaps to update this page automagically? Maybe even a web
based submission form with a a backend MySQL database ? I am thinking that
we could drum up something to make the test results more readily

Sorry for being a nag.

Dennis Clarke

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