How to make GCC stop on first error

Manuel López-Ibáñez
Wed Mar 28 13:58:00 GMT 2007

(This question is more appropriate for gcc-help, this list is for gcc

>From the manual page:

           This option causes the compiler to abort compilation on the first
           error occurred rather than trying to keep going and printing fur‐
           ther error messages.



On 28/03/07, Francesco Montorsi <> wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I wonder if there is some option/flag I can feed to gcc to avoid
> that  it continues compiling my source files after it encounters the
> first error... I've searched in gcc docs without success.
> This is very annoying when e.g. the first error is due to not finding a
> required header file: after that gcc goes on and spits out tons of
> errors about missing declarations for those things which are declared in
>   the not-found header file.
> btw stopping on the first error is the default behaviour of many other
> compilers (e.g. M$, borland, watcom compilers on win32)...
> Thanks,
> Francesco

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