Embedded arm-elf-gcc

jbousch@altran-tech.net jbousch@altran-tech.net
Tue Mar 27 15:35:00 GMT 2007

Hi everybody,

I'm currently working in a company, as embedded developper, which use gnu
tools. I have a good experience about non gnu compiler tools and i need
help because the most disavantage of gcc compiler is the almost unexistant
support for developper.

I work on an embedded software for an ARM7TDMI target processor (Phillips
LPC 2214) and i have to locate the software in the target. So here comes
the link command file (arm.ln) with wich i am supposed to set the memory
map. The thing is that i can't find any tutorial about link comand file so
i don't know how to write it manually.

If anybody knows something about link comand file or any book or web site
reference i would apreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance

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