Information regarding -fPIC support for Interix gcc

Mayank Kumar
Fri Mar 23 08:17:00 GMT 2007

Ok, since I didn't get any pointers in this area.
I have a more generic question now to everybody:-

 I am new to gcc development as well as its architecture. I am looking forward to fix the -fPIC issue for Interix. As of now I found that a shared library compiled with fPIC crashes due to some wrong assembly instructions(a jmp instruction) embedded into a function call which cause it to jump unconditionally to a different function altogether whereas the c code has no such jumps or function calls.
Can some body point me to the part of source code that I should look into for this. I mean:-
1: the part which is responsible for generating this code from c code.
2: the part of the gcc code where -fPIC is being handled.
3: any other pointers to investigating this would be helpful.


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On Thursday 22 March 2007 20:20, Mayank Kumar wrote:
> I work for Microsoft SFU(services for unix) group and I am currently
> investigating this fPIC issue for gcc 3.3 which is available with sfu 3.5.

gcc3.3 is really quite old, and hasn't been maintained for quite some time.
You're unlikely to get a particularly useful response from this list (or any
volunteer gcc developers) unless you're working with current gcc.

Of course there are organisations who will provide you with commercial support
for older gcc releases. That's a separate issue though.


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