Per Bothner
Thu Mar 22 18:23:00 GMT 2007

Is this an appropriate SoC project?

Gcc can optionally be configured with --enable-mapped-locations.
This sets a conditional USE_MAPPED_LOCATION which changes how
line and column numbers are represented in the various data
structures.  We'd like to switch gcc to use this representation,
for various reasons (availability of column numbers in error
messages and debug into; hopefully improved memory efficiency;
making the various parts of the compiler more consistent).

The goal of this project is to fix various functionality so
USE_MAPPED_LOCATION works at least as well as the current
default does, so we can make it the default, and then soon
after remove the old non-USE_MAPPED_LOCATION code.  This means
investigating test-suite regressions, and fixing/implementing
any missing functionality.  The main known missing "chunk"
is support for pre-compiled-headers (pch).  In addition the
Ada language front-end does not handle USE_MAPPED_LOCATION.

I'm available to advise/mentor on this project.  However, as
I'm somewhat rusty about the current state of Gcc I'm hoping
I can get one more mentor who is more current on what has been
happening with Gcc.

(I don't consistently monitor the gcc mailing lists, so please
cc me on any gcc email you want me to see in a timely manner.)
	--Per Bothner

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