frv minmax predicate

Ian Lance Taylor
Thu Mar 15 22:08:00 GMT 2007

DJ Delorie <> writes:

> > You just have to make sure that the predicate only accepts the types
> > of operands the insn and constraints are prepared to handle.  I would
> > be a little bit skeptical of removing the gpr_or_int10_operand test,
> > for example.  But it would be reasonable to check something else for a
> > floating point mode.
> That was my concern too, but the define_insn_and_split *also* has the
> predicates for the operands.  Do they need to be duplicated?

Oh, I get it now.  No, there is no reason for the duplication between
minmax_operator and the insn itself.  You should be able to remove the
tests from minmax_operator.  I wonder why they are there at all?


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