Apple's Objective-C 2.0 extensions

Mike Stump
Wed Mar 7 19:15:00 GMT 2007

On Mar 7, 2007, at 4:44 AM, Michael Hopkins wrote:
> 1) Does anyone know when the syntax extensions will be available &  
> working in the gcc compiler?

I'd like to contribute all the Objective-C front end features in time  
for 4.3, unfortunately, I've not started doing that work.  I'm hoping  
we'll have some time to do that in the next couple of months.  Do you  
want to run them on darwin9 or some other OS?  If another OS, there  
is runtime support needed for the various features new in Objective-C  
2.0 that are required for full functionality.  If you'd like to get  
your hands dirty and help out with the libobjc runtime, let me know.

> 2) Will their garbage collection & accelerated message dispatch  
> mechanisms also be supported?

Does -fobjc-gc work for you now?  It's been on mainline for a while  
now.  As for accelerated message dispatch, I'm not exactly certain  
which feature you're referring to.  The feature I think you're  
referring (call 0xnnn, instead of call __objc_msgSend, where 0xnnn is  
a fixed address for the platform) to is 95% in mainline now, but  
there is an ever so small slice that prevents it from working as I  
recall.  If you wanted to finish wiring it up, I could provide pointers.

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