Adding a new gcc dir
Wed Mar 7 14:30:00 GMT 2007

Is it time to offer "second-strap" level of compilation? Ie allow C99 to bootstrap the creation of a basic GCC compiler, then allow a second compile using the basic GCC compiler to get the full compiler.


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>  From: Paul Brook <>
>  Subject: Re: Adding a new gcc dir
>  Sent: 06 Mar '07 16:32
>  > Which means using C90, which means no mixed declarations and code, no
>  > C++ comments, etc. Is there any way to compile at least, my files with
>  > c99 constructs?
>  > Or all gcc code should be built like this??
>  This is a feature. gcc can be bootstrapped using an arbitrary c90 compiler.
>  The warning options you mentioned help to enforce this.
>  Paul

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