Re; Maintaining, was: Re: Reduce Dwarf Debug Size

Devang Patel
Fri Mar 2 15:32:00 GMT 2007

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> This patch looks wrong to me.  I don't understand how it could be
> correct in the presence of __attribute__ ((aligned (N))).  It checks
> TYPE_PACKED but not TYPE_ALIGN or TYPE_USER_ALIGN.  The default hook
> assumes that objects larger than pointers are not naturally aligned,
> which does not make sense to me: given a type, we know the alignment,
> and we should use that.

This patch for the cases when alignment is *not known* at
compile time.

is_packed is for targets that support various alignment rules for packed

for more discussion on this topic.


> I don't know whether this is still a problem.  If it is, I hope the
> IBM Haifa folks will look at the test cases.
> Thanks for pointing out the patch.
> Ian

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